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Welcome, friends!

Our company mission is to spread joy and encourage kindness while maintaining the highest level of products and support.  We do this not only by creating great quality phone cases that are fun to buy and give, but by implementing that message into every aspect of our business from the inside out.  

Our Team

We don’t just say “team” because we read it in an article somewhere and thought it sounded nice; it is a standard we operate by on a daily basis. The same outstanding support we provide our customers, we provide each other.  From our Friday pizza lunches together to our mid-week coffee get-togethers and birthday celebrations, we keep it tight-knit. The same way Arla LaserWorks isn’t run by out-of-sight execs is the same way our customers aren’t numbers on an invoice.  That is how we treat each other and how we will treat you.

Inspiration Behind the Designs                                                          

Maybe you can relate, but here at Arla LaserWorks, we have our phones with us all the time.  We didn’t just want our cases to be slim and protective; we wanted it to be individualistic and make us feel good. We started designing phone cases just based off of what we love to do and what gets us excited. Seeing all of you guys love our designs fuels our fire and inspiration!  By continuing to explore our passions and paying attention to yours, we are continually growing our fresh and fun collections!

Our Cases and Environmental Awareness 

Did you know Arla’s TPU Phone Cases are recyclable and non-toxic? Not just that; the package we ship in is 30% recycled content, the paper on your invoice is printed on is 100% tree-free, and the cards inside your package are printed on are 100% recycled paper with soy ink.

Our cases are printed with the highest quality inks with four printer heads delivering accurate color and each print sealed with dual UV lights to sustain the quality. All of our phone cases are designed, printed, packed and shipped by Arla LaserWorks in sunny southern California.

♥︎ Thanks so much for stopping in and we hope you love shopping here. Feel good knowing you are supporting a socially and ethically conscious company that is always looking to make our products, and our world, a kinder and more fun place!


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